Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lesson Plan Book for 2017-2018

This year, I planned ahead and ordered an Erin Condren Lesson Plan book for next school year at the beginning of June. I discovered them last Summer. Before then, I was in a district where we didn't have a choice of what to use for lesson plans. I ordered my Lesson Plan book in late July last year and it took a little while to arrive, so I didn't have it the first week of school.

I was excited when I returned from my trip to Oregon and my new book was waiting for me. I think I received it 1 1/2 weeks after I ordered it. This is the cover I chose for next year:

For the inside pages, I like to use whole sheet stickers and print out the headers instead of writing them in the boxes. I don't put the times at the top of the columns, so I just type the subjects. 

This is what the page looks like in the book when it comes:

I add stickers to the top of each column:

Here is the Lesson Planner I used last year. I uploaded pictures and they made the cover for me.

Here is a picture of one of the weekly spreads. 

I decided to make the Headers for next year with just a white background to save on printer ink. If you would like to use the Headers I made, I have uploaded them to Teachers Pay Teachers here for free. Unfortunately, you can't edit them. (I am still learning how to do that.) You could print one out and use it as a size template if the words aren't exactly what you need. Enjoy!